Sending funeral flowers like condolence wreaths is one of the thoughtful forms of expressing your deep condolences to someone who has lost a loved one. Such a gesture brings warm comfort and floral beauty to an otherwise sad, grim occasion.

Our condolence wreaths are thoughtfully crafted to represent your sincere feelings of sympathy. Choose from our premium funeral flower basket selections such as The Grand Farewell, Everlasting, Always Remembered and more, each arrangement carrying a symbolic meaning of its own as the perfect sympathy gesture.

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Condolence Wreaths & Funeral Flowers Malaysia - Graceful Wreath

Graceful Wreath #24

RM300.00 RM250.00
]Condolence Wreaths & Funeral Flowers Malaysia - Serenity Wreath

Serenity Wreath #23

RM300.00 RM250.00

Show that you love #103

RM550.00 RM480.00

Royal Respect #5

RM480.00 RM450.00

White Angel Premium #101

RM280.00 RM250.00

I’m with you #100

RM450.00 RM420.00

Nirvana Love #120

RM320.00 RM280.00

Memories Remain #106

RM380.00 RM350.00

Endless Love Premium