Wreath for Funeral in Malaysia: How to Choose the Best Funeral Wreath?

Funerals, a celebration of one’s life, and also mournful occasions. It is an appreciation to express our thoughts and feelings to the deceased and his loved ones, and also an opportunity to reach out and show support, as you grieve collectively with the deceased’s family. One traditional way of expressing thoughts and love to someone who has just passed, is through the giving of flowers, or wreaths in particular. This has been a long-running tradition in many parts of the

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How Do I Choose Flowers for a Funeral?

Flowers, as beautiful and symbolic as they are, represent so much more beyond their colourful appearance. When it comes to a funeral, flowers become even more significant, containing within each type a message for the bereaved and their loved ones. However, sometimes, when it comes to funeral flowers, we might not know exactly if we should be sending them over. There is no clear etiquette when it comes to sending condolence flowers, and especially in recent years, where there

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Funeral Flower Services: Sending Condolence Flowers In Malaysia

Losing a loved one or a dear friend is never easy. There never can be enough preparation for the sorrow of losing someone close to our heart. The pain and grief is often inexplicable.  While it may seem like a simple gesture, sending a floral stand or wreath can be meaningful, and is a sincere way of telling the bereaved that thoughts are with them. At SG Florist, as the premiere funeral floral service provider in Kuala Lumpur. It

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Condolence Flowers Malaysia: What Flowers and Colours Are Suitable?

Sending funeral flowers and condolence flowers are a way to express our thoughts, to show care, and a form of saying ‘we’re with you’. While choice of words and messages matter, the choice of flowers is also another way to create an impression. The language of flowers is beautiful, and can be used to express love and concern in ways verbal and written languages aren’t able to. Wakes and funerals are solemn events. Oftentimes, they are guided by traditions and

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Expressing Condolence: How and What to Say In A Condolence Message

Losing someone beloved is a difficult journey, and while it may seem like a small gesture, receiving condolence messages helps the person to know that they are cared for and that they are not alone.  It is not easy to express your thoughts to someone recently bereaved, but know that making contact with the simplest of words sometimes is more than enough to provide comfort.
How best to express your thoughts?
With social media these days, it may be easy

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Funeral Flowers Malaysia: The Premiere Condolence Florist

As the largest condolence florist in Klang Valley & KL, SG Florist prides itself as the pioneer in the funeral flowers industry in Malaysia. Equipped with years of knowledge and expertise in the field of funeral flowers, you can be rest assured that our friendly and experienced staff are able to provide credible advice and help that you may need with regards to funerals in Malaysia. In this article, we’ll bring you through why SG Florist is…

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Funeral Wreaths and Condolence Wreaths: How To Choose Wreaths

For many years, condolence wreaths have been a popular funeral flower option and are most typically associated with funerals. Often, close friends, business associates, or relatives of the deceased tend to gift the bereaving family condolence wreaths in remembrance of the deceased. Funeral wreaths can be designed with one, two or more flowers and is a great option due to its portability and versatility where it can be placed at the funeral home, or even transported to the burial site.

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Choosing Condolence Flowers: The Best Flowers For Funerals

Flowers play an integral role in an event and can define a wedding, a birthday party, or even a funeral. We use flowers as a means to extend our show of gratitude or even condolences. But knowing what flowers to send to a funeral can pose to be a challenge, especially for those who aren’t familiar. As the largest condolence florist in Klang Valley & Kuala Lumpur, SG Florist serves to be your professional and expedient solution to fresh sympathy

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Funeral Flowers Malaysia: Sending Flowers During COVID-19

As the Movement Control Order restriction eases, we prepare ourselves for a change in our daily routines. Nonetheless, COVID-19 is still prevalent and certain regulations still apply. SG Florist prides itself as the pioneer in the funeral flowers industry in Malaysia and we recognise the changing needs of bereaved families in the time of COVID-19. For that, we have prepared this guide for you on how to send flowers during this pandemic.  The loss of a loved one often

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Best Condolence Wreaths and Funeral Flowers: The Best For Your Budget

Traditionally, mourning the loss of someone can be done through sending funeral flowers, condolence wreaths or a funeral flower bouquet. Even with the movement control order (MCO) easing up, the Malaysian authorities have instructed that only close family members are allowed to attend funerals. In addition, religious people have shared that people can mourn from home if they cannot attend funerals. No doubt, traditional ways of coping with loss have to be changed, the psychology of

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