Best Condolence Wreaths and Funeral Flowers: FAQ

In this day and age, topics like death, funeral flowers in Malaysia and funerals that were traditionally considered taboo, are now being discussed in the open as funerals and grieving are part and parcel of life. This is a stage of life that we all go through, and talking about it can help many cope better with their grief of losing a friend or a loved one. Here is a guide to all the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about funerals, funeral etiquette, condolence wreaths, funeral wreaths and funeral flowers.

1. Where can I send funeral flowers to?

You can send funeral flowers to a wake, home, funeral parlour and/or church as long as there is an address provided. 

2. What type of condolence flowers are there?

  • Funeral flower stand: A waist-high cloth-covered stand with a thoughtfully curated bouquet on top and a sympathy card. The bouquet can be customised or bought as-is to represent your sympathy and condolences. Usually sent to the funeral parlour or church.
  • Funeral flower basket: A small to medium-sized basket of flowers, a funeral flower basket is a curated bouquet of flowers meant to convey condolence with a more personal touch. The flower basket is often gifted directly to the homes of the bereaved or can be displayed at the funeral parlour as well.
  • Funeral flower frame: A flower frame used to decorate the picture of the deceased, the flowers are carefully selected to match the flowers for the coffin. This is usually selected by the family for the deceased.
  • Funeral flowers: Funeral flowers can come as a bouquet, spray or customised to decorate the coffin. They are often used to dignify the area surrounding the coffin and add a sense of beauty and peace for the deceased. 

If you’re curious to learn more, read about our condolence flowers, types and flower significance.

3. How much should I be spending on funeral flowers and condolence wreaths?

Depending on your budget, we have funeral flowers that range from RM200 to RM500. If you’re unsure, drop our friendly funeral florists a message here or on our Facebook or Instagram

4. What are some of the popular funeral flowers?

Some of the popular funeral flowers include:

  • White and yellow chrysanthemums are widely used in Asia to say goodbye. 
  • Green, white and pink carnations are often used to symbolise – I miss you – in remembrance of the deceased.
  • White and pink lilies symbolise sympathy, it is often used in the majority of our premium funeral sprays.

Read more about popular funeral flowers for a condolence flower delivery.

5. What funeral flower arrangements can I send?

We currently have funeral flower stands, condolence wreaths and funeral flower bouquets. If you would like to customise something, speak to our friendly condolence florist or drop us a message on Facebook or Instagram

6. What kind of funeral flowers should I send for the different religions?

Different religions in Malaysia have different funeral practices, traditions and customs. While Islam is the majority religion in Malaysia, different regions have their own customs too. Check out the best flower types for funerals and let us know if we missed anything out!

7. Can I send a card and/or message with the funeral flowers? Will the deceased’s family know it’s from me?

Yes, you can send a heartfelt message with the funeral flowers is a common practice. You can check out some samples of condolence messages we have and do remember to fill out the section when checking out. 

8. Are funeral flowers or condolence wreaths widely accepted?

Yes, they are. In religions like Christianity, Hinduism and Chinese-related religions, flowers are accepted with various meanings. Do check with the host or family to ensure that they are comfortable receiving flowers or read about funeral traditions of other religions.  

9. Does my relationship with the deceased affect the kind of funeral flowers I send?

Family members usually choose the funeral flowers that adorn the coffin, like funeral sprays and condolence wreaths that frame the photo of the deceased. 

Funeral flower stands and condolence wreaths from friends and acquaintances are also accepted and are displayed nearby for everyone to see.

10. What kind of meanings do different funeral flowers have?

Different funeral flowers have different meanings in western and Asian culture. Further breaking that down, different ethnicities and religions also tie in specific meanings with various flowers. Knowing which flower can be used for funerals is important so as to not offend anyone. 

You can learn more about our guide to funeral flowers and how to choose condolence flowers.

11. Can I get same-day funeral flowers and condolence delivery?

Yes, you can with SG Florist’s same-day delivery. As the largest condolence florist in Klang Valley & Kuala Lumpur, we cover all main funeral and casket companies in Klang Valley (Kuala Lumpur/Selangor). Simply place your order before 3 PM and we will ensure that the freshest and most carefully-arranged floral designs are delivered on the same day.

12. What kind of funeral services can I send funeral flowers/condolence wreath?

As we cover all main funeral and casket companies in Klang Valley (Kuala Lumpur/Selangor), we can send to most funeral services in the area. 

If you are unsure, contact our florist for professional advice today.

13. What funeral flowers can I send to a wake or funeral of a Muslim, Hindu, Christian, Chinese person?

You can learn more about what funeral flowers are appropriate for different religions from our guide to funeral flowers and how to choose condolence flowers.

14. Who can order casket sprays?

More often than not, it is the family that orders casket sprays as these will be the flowers that decorate the casket or coffin. 

15. How do I choose funeral flowers/condolence wreaths?

Choosing funeral flowers and/or condolence wreaths can be chosen by relationship to the deceased, price, feelings about the deceased and religion. 

Do not feel embarrassed if you choose according to certain factors as the choice is personal, a celebration of their life and reflects your personal relationship with the deceased.

16. What happens if I miss the funeral or wake but I still want to send something?

Yes, you can. Do check with the family what they would appreciate first. Sometimes, your presence is enough. If not, little food or gift hampers would suffice.

17. Can I customise my funeral flower arrangement or condolence wreath?

Yes, customisation is possible. Do drop our funeral florist a call at 03-7980 1201, or visit us at Nirvana Memorial Center, no 1, 1/116A, Off Jalan Sungai Besi, Kuala Lumpur, or Nirvana Center, 16, Jalan Dewan Bahasa, Kuala Lumpur.