Best Condolence Wreaths and Funeral Flowers: The Best For Your Budget

Traditionally, mourning the loss of someone can be done through sending funeral flowers, condolence wreaths or a funeral flower bouquet. Even with the movement control order (MCO) easing up, the Malaysian authorities have instructed that only close family members are allowed to attend funerals. In addition, religious people have shared that people can mourn from home if they cannot attend funerals. No doubt, traditional ways of coping with loss have to be changed, the psychology of loss does not. Choosing ways to cope with grief like purchasing funeral flowers and condolence wreaths are a way for friends and family members to process this. Apart from limiting those who can attend funerals, five sectors have been allowed to operate are industrial and manufacturing, construction, services, trade and distribution, as well as plantations and commodities. While plantations continue to operate, condolence florists in Kuala Lumpur like us, SG Florist, will continue to provide condolence flowers and flowers for funerals through this MCO. Rest assured, even though you are not able to attend a funeral, you can still send funeral flowers and condolence wreaths.

While you’re at home, here’s a quick guide on how to choose the best condolence wreaths and funeral flowers for your budget. 

What to look out for?

Before sending flowers, knowing what type of funeral service — wake, funeral or memorial service will help you to choose the type of funeral flowers to send. You can also check with the family of the deceased if there are any constraints or what they would like. If you are attending a funeral during the MCO, observe all rules and regulations to or like this funeral parlour quips, “Stay home or stay with us”.

When choosing funeral flowers, the rule of thumb is to go by the colours first, then they type of flowers. Here’s a guide to funeral flower colours and what they signify:

  • White and yellow chrysanthemums are widely used in our funeral flower arrangements to say goodbye in Asia.
  • Green, white and pink carnations are also often used to symbolise ‘I miss you’ in remembrance of a deceased loved one or friend.
  • White and pink lilies symbolise sympathy, we use them in the majority of our premium funeral sprays.

For those on a budget

For those on a tighter budget, spending less does not equate to less importance tied to that person or lowering in priority. It is about buying what you can afford and the meaning or significance of those funeral flowers. As the largest condolence florist in Klang Valley & Kuala Lumpur, we provide a variety of funeral flowers and condolence wreaths at different tiers and prices. Depending on your budget, flowers can be arranged in a basket, bouquet, stand or wreath. If you are worried about etiquette for funerals, you can always seek advice from the family about what is best for the situation to avoid committing any faux pas.

If you are looking for nothing but the best

For those looking at nothing but the best, SG Florist has premium condolence flowers to suit your every need. From elaborate floral arrangements to premium and exotic flowers, our condolence florists will be able to advise what is best. You can also speak to our condolence florist to arrange for all your funeral floral arrangements at +60168669316 or contact us here.

In addition, to ensure that your condolence flowers reach on time, we provide same-day flower delivery. Many who choose same-day delivery do so to express their love and respect. In an instance when our clients are not able to be with the family, sending flowers helps to convey their thoughts in this difficult time. By providing sympathy flowers delivery, we are able to meet the client’s requirements and ensure that their wishes are conveyed.

Choosing the best flowers for your budget

While Malaysians in Singapore are only allowed to return for 3 hours, this should not stop you from  To choose the best flowers for your budget, do note that we provide funeral flowers at 3 different tiers and prices. If you are still unsure, check out how to choose funeral flowers or drop us a friendly message or call at +60168669316.