Choosing Flowers for Funeral: Condolence Wreath and Floral Delivery

Humans have long admired and cultivated flowers, for thousands of years. Flowers liven up homes, show appreciation and care to our loved ones, and also serve as a way to honour persons, living or departed.

Here, we take a look at picking and choosing dedicated flowers for funerals. With so many different varieties of flowers available, which ones are suitable to send? What are the messages and significance each type of flower carries? We’ll walk you through the process of selecting the right condolence flowers you may send, and how you may opt for the flowers to be delivered to the funeral hall.

Should flowers even be sent?

Here’s a quick question to start off. You hear of a close friend or relative passing. Before you scramble to get the flowers, understand if sending flowers for a funeral is appropriate.

The family of the deceased will likely make it clear if they are not accepting condolence flowers.  Another consideration will be the deceased’s faith and religion. At Jewish or Islamic funerals, flowers are not typical. Hindu funeral services do not expect flowers either.

In most other cases, there’s nothing wrong with showing your support with a beautiful display of fresh flowers. 

Which flowers are popular at funerals?

If you’re unsure what flowers to pick, here’s a quick guide to some common condolence flowers and their meanings. We look at five of the most popular varieties of condolence flowers people send.

  • Lilies: A quintessential funeral flower, lilies are said to represent purity and restoration of innocence. White stargazer lilies are the most popular variety. They are known for their distinctive scent.
  • Roses: Another common and appropriate funeral flower. Each colour has a different connotation. Red roses, a classic symbol of love, are also a poignant expression of grief. Yellow roses symbolise the bond of friendship, while pink ones represent a sense of appreciation and gratitude.
  • Daisies: With a bright and cheerful appearance, daisies usually symbolise loyalty and love, with a dash of childhood innocence. Daisies make a perfect tribute for the funeral of someone who never takes themselves too seriously.
  • Chrysanthemums: Chrysanthemums have a strong association with departed souls and death. Traditionally, chrysanthemums are used to show sympathy and honour. Popular colour variations are red, pink, and gold. In fact, chrysanthemum means ‘gold blossom’ in Greek, and the flower also symbolises a sense of optimism.
  • Orchids: Symbolising eternal love, orchids are some of the most lasting flowers around. Ever graceful and exotic, an orchid also represents beauty and strength and can be regarded as an emblem of friendship. 

Funeral wreath recommendations

There are a number of funeral wreaths to choose from, including an array of designs, shapes, and colours. Wreaths are usually created and arranged upon order, using fresh flowers. Here are some popular options, and their meanings.

  • Classic white wreath: A popular and safe option. It boasts an elegant design, often comprising carnations, white roses, and wax flowers. It represents eternal pureness and sanctity.
  • Classic pink wreath: A classic pink wreath is similar in style, with the addition of pretty pinks and purples. Carnations, chrysanthemums, and roses often make up this funeral wreath. A message of love and hope comes with it.
  • Rose trio heart: This is a good option for those looking for a more personalised design, due to the heart shape of the wreath. Roses in hues of pink and white are usually used and aim to lift the mood of those in mourning.
  • White lily wreath: Oriental lilies, carnations, and chrysanthemums make up this elegant wreath, which boasts an abundance of fresh flowers. This symbolises purity and rebirth, wishing for a good afterlife for the deceased.

Sending funeral flowers to the right location

Needless to say, sending flowers to the correct location is important. The location is likely listed in the death announcement or the obituary. Be sure to double-check the name and address of the facility closely.

Flowers are normally sent to the wake or memorial hall. If it is meant to be sent to a residential address, do check beforehand that there is someone at home to receive the flowers. 

It is advised not to send flowers to a church, crematorium, or other places of worship, as there may not be anyone available to receive them. There could also be confusion over where the flowers should be placed. 

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