Condolences Flowers in Malaysia

Condolences Flowers in Malaysia: Choosing Funeral Flowers

Receiving the news of a loss, be it a loved one, family or friend is never easy. Many often send funeral flowers or condolence wreaths when they hear such news. What is modern etiquette for death and mourning some might ask? How has COVID-19 changed funerals in Malaysia? For funerals in Malaysia, individuals can choose to send condolence messages, condolence flowers or funeral wreaths to express emotions and sympathy for the loss. However, when faced with such a situation, many resort to Google searches for “condolence wreaths Malaysia” or “funeral flowers” to look for flowers to send. How many actually know the meaning behind these flowers and the proper etiquette for funeral flowers? In this guide, we’ll share with you how to choose flowers, their significance, what kind of flowers to choose based on their religion, as well as your relationship to the deceased. 

Type of service

Is it a memorial, funeral or a wake? Depending on the location and the wishes of the deceased’s family, do check what kind of location and whether they would better appreciate or accommodate a small funeral wreath, flower basket or something larger like a funeral flower stand. If in doubt, you can also seek the opinion of the florist on their recommendation for the appropriate funeral flowers to send. Here’s an article about useful information when attending funerals.

The religion of the deceased

Depending on the deceased’s religion and beliefs, different flowers have meanings. Do check with the family about the preferences and religious beliefs to send the appropriate flowers.

Types of funeral flower arrangements

We experience death and loss at different stages of our lives. While it is painful to see a loved one, family or friend leave us, sending flowers can also be a way of honouring the person’s memory and life. Most funeral flower arrangements come with a small card where you can write your messages to the family of the deceased. Here are a few of the usual funeral flower arrangements that florists in Malaysia have available.

Funeral Flower Basket

A funeral flower basket is a small condolence gesture offering your sympathy. Thes flower baskets can be given to the family of the deceased or displayed at funeral services.

Funeral Flower Stand

Funeral flower stands or bouquet stands are usually the common way to send your condolences and sympathy to the family. These bouquets stands can consist of a variety of flowers or just a simple bouquet depending on your budget. Funeral flower stands can be sent if you knew the deceased personally or professionally. 

Funeral Condolence Wreath

Funeral condolence wreaths are also another common way of sending condolences and sympathy. Condolence wreaths tend to be displayed near the casket and can be sent if the deceased was family or a close friend.

Funeral Flower Frame

Usually arranged by the family, funeral flower frames are a poignant way to say farewell to the deceased through careful and thoughtful decoration of the photo. The family can opt for different flowers to symbolise and convey peace, love and respect.

Funeral Coffin Flowers

Also arranged by the family, coffin flowers adorn the coffin whether at a wake, funeral service or memorial during the final send-off. These flowers decorate the resting place, add serenity and bring comfort to those present.

Funeral flower meanings

While planning or attending the funeral of a loved, family or friend, the symbolic meaning of funeral flowers are an important aspect to consider. Flowers or condolence bouquets used as decorations also have different meanings too. Here are a few of the common flowers available and their meanings.


For chrysanthemums, colours play a meaning. Yellow signifies love (neglected) and respect, and white signifies peace, love and truth.


Noticed by its smell first, lilies are a common funeral flower that symbolises purity, innocence and beauty. Lilies are also used to show that the deceased is at peace.


Often used in funeral wreaths and funeral flower stands, this flower is affordable and has different meanings too. Red is used to show affection and love, white symbolises peace and rebirth. For Catholic and other Christain funerals, you can also choose to send pink as it is believed that they were created from the Virgin Mary’s tears.


Roses are traditionally used to show love and passion. However, roses are also appropriate for funerals.  Red – love and grief, white – innocence and purity and yellow – friendship. You can also opt to mix roses with a bouquet for something extra.


Known for being timeless (and long-lasting), orchids are a great way to show your love for the deceased. Do note that pink or white orchids are recommended at funerals as they signify sympathy and beauty.


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Sending Condolence Flowers

Regardless of which bouquet you choose to convey your condolences, SG Florist provides the expedited solutions to fresh sympathy floral arrangements and same-day delivery for funeral flowers. Rest assured, SG Florist is able to attend to your funeral flower needs while conveniently located on the ground floor of the Nirvana Memorial Center and Nirvana Center in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Drop us a message should you need any help with your flower needs.