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Funeral Flowers in Malaysia: KL’s Best Condolence Florist

It has long been established that flowers make an ideal tribute for the deceased. You often see flower arrangements being displayed at wakes and memorial services. This shows that sending flowers for funerals continues to be a significant tradition throughout Malaysia.

Some people may think that funeral flowers are just for beautifying the event, adding pomp to the solemn ceremonies, and putting in some colours to an otherwise sombre setting. 

Significance and symbolism of sending funeral flowers

Flowers may not be able to speak but their silent presence can express words that are too painful to say. Each type of flower has a certain language that can express deep emotions of sympathy and understanding. 

Aside from the expression of love and sympathy, flowers carry symbolisms that touch through the spiritual journey of humans. Like flowers, humans come and go on this earth, and we all bring temporary beauty to life. This simple act can make the bereaved feel that you understand them and that sympathy is even more genuine and sincere. 

The act of giving flowers in times of grief can be traced back to thousands of years ago before embalming came into practice. Aside from paying tribute to the departed, flowers were used for their fragrance in order to help counter the odours of decaying bodies. It has been a living tradition that transpired over the years. Today, floral arrangements remain a vital part of funerals not only for decorative purposes but with a growing list of significance.

SG Florist: The best condolence florist in Malaysia

At SG Florist, we simply go beyond. Being the largest condolence florist in Klang Valley and Kuala Lumpur, SG Florist is also the pioneer in the funeral flowers industry in Malaysia. Equipped with years of knowledge and expertise in the field of funeral flowers, you can rest assured that our friendly and experienced staff are able to provide credible advice and help that you may need with regard to funerals in Malaysia.

Readily carrying a wide variety of fresh flowers, SG Florist not only has an extensive catalogue of wreaths, bouquets and flower stands, but also allows you to pick and select the types of flowers to create a customised arrangement. Florals come in different types and colours that speak of various personalities. Being personally involved in the selection process of floral arrangements can bring your tribute even closer to the hearts of the family at loss. 

Also, don’t forget to pen a thoughtful message to express your grief on the message card.

If you’re still unsure of what flowers to choose, be assured that SG Florist has a team of staff who are able to guide you through the process. From listening to your needs, to understanding who you are presenting the condolence flowers to, a dedicated florist will be on hand to help you select the appropriate flowers and create a beautiful arrangement for you to send out.

SG Florist is also proud to offer same-day delivery services in the immediate areas of Klang Valley and KL, and express service across Malaysia. If the funeral service is held within the grounds of Nirvana Memorial Center or Nirvana Center, our staff member will also provide regular inspection and fine sprays of water to maintain the flowers. Any blossoms or arrangements that are found to be withering or in disarray may be replaced or rearranged.

Contact us for all your condolence floral needs, or understand more about the services we provide via our website.