Funeral Wreaths: The Best Flower Type for Funerals

Funeral Wreaths: The Best Flower Type for Funerals 

In many cultures, flowers play an important role in different stages of one’s life. From birth to graduation, to getting married, having a child, and even coping with the loss of a loved one, flowers help to say what words cannot. In this article, we’ll share with you the best flower type for funerals, why white flowers are the best for Buddhist funerals and what are the most appropriate Christian funeral flowers in Malaysia. In addition to knowing the most appropriate condolence flowers, funeral etiquette in Malaysia is important too so as to not commit any faux pas. At SG Florist, we believe helping families and friends send off their loved ones in dignity, by understanding funeral customs in Malaysia and providing you with the best funeral wreaths and condolence flowers. To help reassure you in times of grief, you can expect the best condolence flowers florist in Malaysia to send fresh sympathy floral arrangements with same-day delivery. Whether you are a friend or family, this article will help provide better insight on ways to help someone you love through grief. During this period, we are also thankful for those who handle funeral arrangements during COVID-19.

Best condolence flowers for Christian/Catholic funerals

Christian funerals and final rites in Malaysia tend to be held in a funeral home or if the church or place of worship allows, an adjoining funeral parlour. When thinking about what to send, funeral wreaths, condolence flower stands and condolence flower baskets are a good way to express heartfelt emotions and condolences to the bereaved’s family. While these wreaths and flower stands usually have a variety of flowers, some flowers convey special meanings to Christians. Lilies are a popular condolence flower as they have a sweet smell and signify that the deceased has returned to rest and is at peace now. To Christians, this flower carries meaning as it was believed that Mother Mary’s tomb was covered in lilies among other flowers to show her purity. Carnations also hold special meaning, they are said to have sprung from the earth as she wept during the Crucifixion of Christ, her son and thus carry the meaning of love and affection.

Muslim funeral etiquette and condolence flowers

When it comes to Muslim funerals, the practice of sending condolence flowers or gifts to the family of the deceased can differ based on sects, regions and local customs. It is always best to check with the family first before sending any flowers or gifts as the family may prefer a small and simple ceremony. Muslim burials are also often a same-day affair as they are encouraged to bury the deceased as soon as possible upon confirmation of death. aMuslim funeral etiquette has to observed when the family, relatives and friends come to pay their last respects and attend the burial. Those who come to the family’s home to pay respects can bring flowers to offer condolences to the family. To Muslims, fragrant flowers like roses and lilies are especially welcome and popular. 

Funeral etiquette for Hindu funerals

Hindu funerals often have specific practices or customs depending on the sect or area. The service or ceremony is conducted by the priest or religious leader and the family of the deceased. With regard to sending flowers or gifts to the family, it is not a Hindu custom as there are specific customs regarding flowers and are taken care of by the family. You can check with the family on what they would prefer. Hindu funeral etiquette dictates that mourners are advised to dress simply and come in white clothing.

White condolence flowers for Buddhist/Taoist funerals

Buddhist and Taoist funerals either hold their wakes at a funeral parlour or the home of the deceased. Ceremonies are usually led by religious leaders and monks and often last 3 days before cremation. Buddist and Taoist funeral customs encourage the wearing of dark clothing for friends and white clothing for family to signify mourning. A small donation of “white gold” (“Pek kim” in dialect) is given to help with the funeral costs and offer their condolences. When it comes to condolence flowers and wreaths, sending condolence flower stands, funeral wreaths and condolence flower bouquets are commonplace and used to show sympathy and extend condolences. The appropriate flowers to include are white flowers like lilies and orchids among bouquets or floral arrangements. 

Choosing the right flowers

When sending condolence flowers, condolence flower stands and funeral wreaths, do take note of the religion and its flower significance. When in doubt, you can check with the family or with our experienced and professional florists at SG Florist who can advise you on the best condolence floral arrangement and budget to suit your every need. Conveniently located on the ground floor of the Nirvana Memorial Center and Nirvana Center which both are located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, we provide fresh sympathy floral arrangements with same-day delivery. Speak to our professional florists who will ensure you receive quality funeral wreaths and flowers to convey your condolences.