Funeral Wreaths and Condolence Wreaths: How To Choose Wreaths

For many years, condolence wreaths have been a popular funeral flower option and are most typically associated with funerals. Often, close friends, business associates, or relatives of the deceased tend to gift the bereaving family condolence wreaths in remembrance of the deceased. Funeral wreaths can be designed with one, two or more flowers and is a great option due to its portability and versatility where it can be placed at the funeral home, or even transported to the burial site. Undeniably, due to the nature of a funeral, there are certain considerations to factor into before deciding on appropriate funeral etiquette to gift at the funeral. SG Florist is the largest condolence florist in Klang Valley & KL and we pride ourselves on being the pioneer in the funeral flowers industry in Malaysia. In this guide, let us bring you through how to choose wreaths for a funeral by considering the type of funeral, location of the funeral, choice of flowers, or even size of the wreath.

Type of Funeral

Consider the recipient, their religion, and the type of funeral service being conducted. Depending on the family’s wishes, they may ask for charitable donations in lieu of flowers. Furthermore, depending on the type of funeral conducted — be it formal or informal — the size or type of funeral wreath to the gift will vary. 

Religion is also another factor that comes into play. While flowers are accepted in some religions, there may be other religions where gifting flowers is not a common practice or accepted. Hence, it is important to note the deceased’s religious beliefs as well as preferences.

Location of Funeral 

Considering you know the type of funeral that will be held, knowing the location would be next in line. Funeral homes often vary in size and it is best to avoid gifting large funeral wreaths that would be too big for smaller funeral homes, churches, or personal homes. 

There might also be a case of when you’re unable to attend the funeral. You can choose to order a funeral wreath online and have it sent directly to the location where the funeral is being held. SG Florist is your most expedient solution to fresh sympathy floral arrangements and same-day delivery

Choice of Flowers

There is an array of condolence flower types and their significance to consider before settling on a floral arrangement of your choice. Each flower carries with it a different meaning and hence can hold a special message you may wish to convey. Here at SG Florist, we offer the Serenity Wreath and the Graceful Wreath with two separate floral arrangements that you can choose from. Speak to our local florists and let them advise you on which funeral flowers will be the best choice for you. 

Size of Wreath

When choosing funeral flowers, it is important to note that the more flowers involved, the bigger the wreath gets. Hence, it is best to avoid an excessively sized wreath as a form of respect to the bereaving family. 

Conveniently located on the ground floor of the Nirvana Memorial Center and Nirvana Center in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, SG Florist draws from our wealth of experience to provide advice on the best condolence flower-sending practices across many cultures and religions. Drop us a message if you wish to know more about sending condolence wreaths in Malaysia.