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Condolence Wreath Delivery Malaysia: Same-Day Funeral Flower Delivery

Sending flowers to a wake is a common practice today. Expressing sympathy and condolences to a friend, relative or an acquaintance, showing respect to the departed, and sharing some warmth and adding colours to an otherwise grim occasion. These are just some of the many reasons why flowers are essential at wakes and funerals.

These days, there are many different floral arrangement options available, from traditional wreaths to contemporary bouquets and stands. Along with it are a variety of flowers to choose from. Different types and colours of flowers each carry different meanings, and convey different messages to the bereaved.

As wakes and funerals are solemn events that happen within a short period of time, it is important that the wreaths and message gets sent to the relevant party quickly. Most wakes last for an average of five days, so as to allow family and friends to make a visit and pay their final respects to the departed. However, for some religions, the occasion may be contained within a day, and therefore the urgent need for condolence flowers to reach faster.

Condolence Wreath and Sympathy Bouquet

The most common floral arrangements seen at and sent to wakes and funerals are wreaths, often arranged in a circular shape. A condolence wreath is sent to funerals or memorial services, to share the feelings of the lost along with close members of the deceased. 

Sympathy bouquets, on the other hand, are usually sent to the house when someone passes away, right after one hears of the news of passing, or some days after the death and funeral, to express kind thoughts.

Quick and Efficient Delivery Service

As the occasion calls for it, funeral flowers should be readily prepared and delivered to the recipients in the quickest time possible. 

SG Florist is the largest condolence florist in Klang Valley, Kuala Lumpur, carrying a diverse range of floral choices and decorative options to suit different needs. Apart from our ready portfolio of floral wreath and bouquet arrangements, SG Florist also provides dedicated and personalised floral arrangement services, packing them according to your wishes.

Conveniently located on the ground floor of both Nirvana Memorial Center and Nirvana Center, SG Florist provides the most expedient solution of fresh sympathy floral arrangements. For funeral and memorial services held within the premises of the two Nirvana complexes, delivery can be arranged immediately.

In addition, SG Florist has also partnered major casket companies and funeral homes around Klang Valley, Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, to provide expedient floral deliveries. For all orders placed before 3pm, we aim to deliver the freshest and most intricately arranged flowers to be delivered on the same day.

We also try to keep the flowers fresh by regularly inspecting and providing fine spray of water, for wreaths that are delivered to memorial services within the Nirvana premises.

Browse our collection online and place your order through our platform, or contact us to understand more about our floral offerings and delivery services.