Funeral Flower Services: Sending Condolence Flowers In Malaysia

Losing a loved one or a dear friend is never easy. There never can be enough preparation for the sorrow of losing someone close to our heart. The pain and grief is often inexplicable. 

While it may seem like a simple gesture, sending a floral stand or wreath can be meaningful, and is a sincere way of telling the bereaved that thoughts are with them.

At SG Florist, as the premiere funeral floral service provider in Kuala Lumpur. It is of utmost importance to us to provide prompt service, taking care of our customer’s every need. Apart from having ready a comprehensive range of flowers and decorations available for your selection, our professional team of florists will trim and arrange to make the most presentable and dignified wreaths and stands, and with our same-day delivery service, ensuring that it reaches the bereaved as soon as possible.

A Floral Choice for Every Need and Budget

Sending a floral arrangement for a funeral is one of the thoughtful forms of expressing your deep condolences, whether or not you make it to the event in person. The gesture brings warm comforts and adds a layer of beauty and pomp to the solemn occasion. 

There are several ways you can choose to have your flowers arranged. And they can all be customised and personalised, according to the giver’s preference and intended budget.

For those looking to present something more formal and grand, condolence flower stands are perhaps the best option. They can be crafted to help express the giver’s sincere feelings of sympathy. The added height and independent stand helps lend it class, displaying the heart and generosity of the giver.

A more traditional option of funeral floral arrangements will be funeral wreaths. Wreaths bring along with it a sense of warmth and comfort, as well as an expression of respect to the deceased and the bereaved. Contemporary wreaths also carry with it a feeling of pompousness and grandeur, befitting of the solemness of the occasion.

For those looking at simpler options, a funeral bouquet will fit the bill. Beautifully arranged, and adequate in sending the message of condolences in a tranquil way.

Same-Day Delivery Service

Freshest of flowers, prettiest of decoration and arrangement, all these need to be sent to the recipient in the shortest time possible. That is when same-day delivery service becomes important. 

At SG Florist, the largest condolence florist service in Klang Valley, Kuala Lumpur, we provide the most expedient solution, from fresh sympathy floral arrangements, to almost-immediate delivery, especially for funeral services held within the grounds of Nirvana Memorial Center and Nirvana Center Malaysia.

Alternatively, for orders to be sent to funeral services held outside Nirvana (and within Kuala Lumpur and Selangor), we can arrange for same-day delivery as long as orders are placed before 3pm. We strive to have the freshest and dedicated floral design and arrangement delivered speedily.

In addition, for services held at Nirvana, SG Florist attempts to ensure continuous crispness of the flowers sent, by providing regular inspections, and regular spraying of water to upkeep the flowers in fresh conditions. Should our blossoms or arrangement be found to be withering or in disarray during the course of the funeral, we will aim to have them replaced or rearranged as necessary.

Flowers are more than mere pretty objects on show. It represents love, kindness, sincerity and care. And at SG Florist, we take our flowers and floral service to you very seriously. Browse our collection, or contact us about your condolence floral needs here