Send Condolence Wreaths: Proper Flower Etiquette

Sending Condolence Wreaths: Proper Flower Etiquette

This time, we’ll talk about what is proper flower etiquette for sending condolence wreaths and funeral flowers. What is proper funeral flower etiquette in modern times? Also, how has Covid-19 has changed funerals in Malaysia? Is it bringing a bouquet of condolence flowers when attending a funeral, sending funeral flowers or a funeral flower stand when you hear about the loss of someone you know? Or is it dropping by with a small funeral flower basket and spending time with the family? It is all of the above as funeral flower etiquette has relaxed somewhat in modern times along with etiquette for mourning, many now consider flowers as an opportunity to tell a story or to reminisce about a certain time, place or memory. Knowing the etiquette of funerals and a funeral flower guide is also important so as to not offend anyone.

Laura Dowling, former White House chief floral designer shares that “we are now more open and don’t really like a lot of rules. And there are more kinds of flowers available throughout the year.” Now, you can forget about the times when the normal for a funeral was an all-white bouquet. Let’s discover Floriography – the language of flowers – and how we can integrate better flower etiquette into our daily lives.

What is Floriography?

Harking back to the Victorian era, floriography (or the language of flowers), were used as a means of communication. In particular, for those who were not able to publicly communicate their feelings or thoughts, floriography gave them a way. In a time where courtship and exchanging messages were deemed to be inappropriate, flowers were sent as coded messages to express their passion for each other.

Traditionally, different flowers also represent different meanings. While the meaning of flowers has drastically changed over the years, it still remains a fact that sending flowers can be a reflection of your thoughts and feelings. Especially for funeral flowers, it can be an expression of thoughtfulness. How do you go about sending condolence flowers then? Let’s delve into a few points that unpack proper flower etiquette.

Consider the recipient

Think about who is receiving the flowers, and what these flowers will communicate to them. Depending on the dynamics of the relationship and how close you are to the person, the flower you intend to deliver can differ from person to person. Honouring the customs and traditions according to religious or cultural belief is also a factor to consider before choosing funeral flowers. Moreover, there are a number of religions who do not necessarily practise the act of gifting flowers at a funeral service or families who prefer donations to charitable causes in lieu of flowers. In a multi-ethnic country like Malaysia, it is good to understand the different customs before arriving at your decision. Check out our guide to funeral flowers to better understand the different funeral practices for different religions.

Choose an Appropriate Time

While there is no specific rule as to when exactly to send condolence flowers, do take note of where and how long the funeral is held for. Sympathy flowers are often sent to funeral homes or memorial services, and these often come in the form of funeral flower stands or funeral wreaths. However, it is also acceptable to send flowers directly to the bereaved homes as it shows that your heart goes out to them. You can opt for flower baskets as an act of thoughtfulness.

Communicate with the Right Flowers

Condolence flowers are gifted as an act of remembrance and to celebrate the life of the person who has passed. In these instances, you have to be extra careful in the blooms you pick as flowers often symbolise different meanings. While white lilies are a popular choice of flowers, you may wish to avoid red roses or stuffed toys that do not complement the atmosphere or surroundings of a funeral or memorial. To be safe, you could always arrive with freshly cut of white flowers consisting of lilies, carnations or chrysanthemums. For a more deliberate arrangement, contact your local florist for the best mix of flowers for the bereaved. 

Your Trusted Condolences Flower Delivery Service

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