Funeral Flowers Malaysia: Sending Flowers During COVID-19

As the Movement Control Order restriction eases, we prepare ourselves for a change in our daily routines. Nonetheless, COVID-19 is still prevalent and certain regulations still apply. SG Florist prides itself as the pioneer in the funeral flowers industry in Malaysia and we recognise the changing needs of bereaved families in the time of COVID-19. For that, we have prepared this guide for you on how to send flowers during this pandemic. 

The loss of a loved one often comes as a shock and it may render the bereaving family and friends lost. What flowers should you consider for a funeral? Or what about the faith of the deceased? How do you go about arranging condolence flower delivery? In this article, let us unpack these questions for you. 

What Flowers Are Appropriate for a Funeral?

COVID-19 has changed the way we mourn, but flowers and their significance remain unchanged. The meanings of flowers have come a long way in expressing our emotions in ways words at times can’t. That is why gifting flowers for a funeral wake or procession is a great way to express grief and condolences. But you may ask, what flowers exactly are appropriate to express sympathy?

The type of flowers you choose may depend on who has passed and your relationship with them. Here are our top picks of funeral flowers:

  • Chrysanthemums: An option often used across various cultures.
  • Carnations: A fragrant and long-lasting alternative, hence, a great option for wakes that may last several days.
  • Lilies: A safe choice often used as funeral flowers.
  • Roses: A universal flower that represents multiple meanings, but also a beautiful option to honour the life of a loved one. 

What about the faith of the deceased?

In a multi-ethnic country like Malaysia, religion should definitely be a consideration when sending funeral flowers. To prevent offending or upsetting anyone, it is important to honour the customs and traditions of the different religions or cultural beliefs. Check out our guide to funeral flowers for an extensive list of funeral flowers customs and practices for several religions like Islam, Buddhist, Hindu Christian and even freethinkers. If unsure, do contact our local florist for professional advice. 

What to include in a condolence message?

While no words can help to ease the loss you bear, offering condolence messages is a way to let bereaving families know that you’re there for them through this difficult time. Sometimes, the simplest messages can offer comfort. With every purchase from our selection of condolence wreaths, funeral flower bouquets or even funeral flower stands, the flowers are paired with a message card. 

Where to order funeral flowers in Malaysia?

When you hear the news of the passing of a loved one, there can be many thoughts running through your head. If you’re unsure how to go about ordering or delivering funeral flowers, let us be your solution. 

SG Florist is conveniently located on the ground floor of the Nirvana Memorial Center and Nirvana Center which both are located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. If you require same-day delivery, do place your order before 3 pm on that day and we will arrange for delivery of the freshest and most carefully arranged floral designs. Simply contact us via our hotline, 03-7980 1201, or visit us at Nirvana Memorial Center, No 1, 1/116A, Off Jalan Sungai Besi, Kuala Lumpur, or Nirvana Center, 16, Jalan Dewan Bahasa, Kuala Lumpur.

The passing of a friend or loved one can be an incredibly emotional and trying time. Especially in a pandemic-stricken world where it has changed the way we mourn, it can make funeral planning a lot more complicated. As the largest condolence florist in Klang Valley & Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, we take it in our stride to provide you with the most expedient solution to fresh sympathy floral arrangement.