Condolence Flowers Malaysia: When is the Best Time to Send Sympathy Flowers?

Flowers are one of the best ways to bring a smile to someone’s face. And especially during grim times, such as when someone lost a person close and dear to them, flowers have the ability to bring comfort, while at the same time brightening up the space.

The tradition of incorporating flowers in funeral services goes back a long time in history. In this article, we take a look at the early uses of flowers during funerals, and also discuss the best times you could send a wreath or sympathy bouquet.

A Brief History of Funeral Flowers

Funeral flowers date back all the way to 62,000 B.C., making it the world’s oldest human ritual recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records. This history was discovered in 1951 by Dr. Salecki, a scientist who was on an expedition when he discovered fragments of uncovered soil and flowers at a burial site. Using soil samples he found, it was deemed that the petals of flowers collected were of the first-ever funeral flowers that were used.

In historical records, the first flowers used at funerals were to cover the decaying smell of the bodies. As methods of preservation changed through time, the role of flowers has also evolved, and now serves as a symbol of hope and love.

Today, sympathy flowers are used as a gift, to convey thoughts of condolences, and when one struggles with words to share. Flowers can help bring comfort and soothe persons in grief. 

The Best Times to Send Sympathy Flowers

There are many types of flowers and bouquet arrangements available, each conveying a different message to the bereaved. When in doubt, consult the florist for advice on what is most appropriate for the occasion. 

While there is no specific timing that is right or wrong to send condolence flowers, here are some suggested periods which you can consider to have the floral arrangements sent.

  • When You Hear of the Sad News

It is appropriate to send sympathy flowers right after hearing about the demise of someone. You don’t have to wait for wake arrangements to be confirmed and settled before you plan on sending the flowers over. 

Sending condolence wreaths is a way to let the bereaved family know that you sympathize with them as they grieve over the death of a loved one. Consider florists that offer same-day delivery of flowers and plants, so that they can reach them soonest, and have your flowers be used to decorate the wake hall if necessary. Remember to include a personalised condolence message.

  • When You Attend the Wake

As you visit the wake, you may opt to bring along a bouquet of sympathy flowers, as you pay your last respects to the deceased and convey your condolences to their loved ones. The act of presenting flowers personally also carries with it an added layer of thoughtfulness and respect.

  • Sending Flowers After the Burial

While this may not be a common practice, it is not wrong to send flowers after the deceased has been buried or cremated. Choosing to send condolence flowers a day or two after the funeral is a way of comforting and conveying deep sympathy. Late sending of flowers is acceptable, and you may also choose to add a basket of gifts like fruits or food items, to let the family know that you care for them.

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