Condolence Florist Klang Valley: Why Funeral Flowers Make Better Gifts

Flowers. They are able to convey what words may be unable to. It takes a sensitive display of sympathy to connect with the grief associated with bereavement. Beautiful flowers poignantly arranged into a wreath can help you convey your condolences, and show your respect to the dearly departed. 

If you are looking for funeral wreaths in Kuala Lumpur or around Malaysia, there are important factors that you should take into consideration. Choosing the right wreath is a sensitive matter, and you need to exercise proper care to ensure the funeral flowers are appropriate. 

5 Reasons Why Funeral Flowers Make Better Funeral Gifts

But why are funeral flowers important? Isn’t offering condolence money enough? While cash can be good financial support, florals as funeral tokens provide a far deeper value than what money can provide.

Here’s a look at the reasons why you should not neglect giving funeral flowers.

1 – Greater Sentimental Value of Funeral Flowers

As mentioned earlier, flowers have a certain language that can express deep emotions of sympathy and understanding. This is something money will never be able to represent. 

Gifting flowers to express condolence also shows that you value your relationship with the deceased, and that they never leave your thoughts. Try to imagine the sight of a casket surrounded by beautiful and heartfelt flower arrangements. Won’t it leave a lasting and poignant memory, knowing that the departed is valued by many loved ones?

2 – Unique Spiritual Significance of Funeral Flowers

Besides expressing love and sympathy, funeral flowers carry special symbolisms that can touch people, especially through the spiritual journey of us humans. With death being an inevitable stage of life, and that being the common truth for both the flowers and humans, this shared narrative conjoins us. This can also be stemmed from the religious belief of Christians that life on earth is only temporary. 

Unlike financial donations, funeral flowers send a message that the lives of humans are like flowers – they’re fleeting. This simple act can make the bereaved feel that you understand them, and that the sympathy expressed is even more heartfelt. 

3 – More Use Than Just Flowers on Display

The act of giving flowers in times of grief can be traced back millennia ago, when the practice of embalming was far from existence. Aside from paying tribute to the dead, flowers were used for their fragrance, in order to help counter the odours of decaying bodies. That has been a living tradition that transpired over the years. 

These days, even with embalming being commonly practiced, floral arrangements remain a vital part of funerals, as floral scent is able to facilitate emotional release at the event and the surroundings.

4 – Getting Close and Personal via Condolence Flowers

Unlike condolence money, that’s often taken at face value, you can customise funeral flowers, tailoring it to the message you want to present. Flowers are available in different varieties and colors, each representing a multitude of personalities. With each flower carrying distinct meanings, conveying your thoughts becomes a layered process that goes beyond the flowers’ bare appearance. Being personally involved in the selection process of floral arrangements can bring your tribute even closer to the hearts of the family at loss.  

You may also opt to attach a message of your own with the floral arrangement, to best express your condolences.

5 – It’s the Effort that Counts

Prepping, ordering and sending funeral flowers might be easier these days, thanks to the availability of online floral services, but it still entails efforts to a certain degree that are relatively more difficult than simply giving money. 

Others may say it’s the thought that counts, but if you’re able to outwardly express your sympathy and condolences, why stop at just the thought of it? From picking out the best condolence florist and choosing the most desired floral arrangements, to delivery arrangements, the time spent and effort you put into sending this token of respect will most certainly be felt and appreciated. 

SG Florist: Kuala Lumpur’s Premiere Condolence Florist

Losing a loved one is never easy and gifts may not be able to alleviate the pain. But a simple act of sending flowers to the family in sorrow can already show support much deeper than the financial donation. 

The process of picking, arranging and sending funeral flowers can be made easy and convenient with SG Florist, your trusted condolence florist. We have a wide range of floral options available for your choosing, and we provide same-day delivery service for wakes held within the vicinity of Klang Valley, as well as around Kuala Lumpur. If you are unsure of what to select, speak with us and we will make the necessary recommendation for you. Contact us for your condolence floral needs.