types of funeral flower arrangements

Types of Floral Arrangements for Funerals

Wakes and funerals are grim, solemn events. It’s a gathering of close friends and loved ones, reminiscing the good of the departed, a celebration of his life and an opportunity to share grief.

An important aspect of any funeral is the flowers. They subtly add colours and beauty to the event. Friends, relatives and acquaintances send flowers as a way to pay tribute to the person lost. Close members of the deceased may choose to order and decorate the memorial hall with flowers that the departed love. 

Different types of flowers hold different meanings and significance. You may also send certain floral arrangements based on your relationship with the bereaved or the deceased. There could also be considerations placed on the departed’s faith or religion.

In this article, we take a look at four common types of funeral floral arrangements seen at wakes.


A most common type of floral arrangement around Southeast Asia for funeral matters. A wreath floral arrangement is most often seen at funerals, and they usually come in a round circular shape. Alternatively, heart-shaped wreath arrangements are becoming a popular option, to symbolise love and gratitude. 

Wreaths can be considered as a symbol of eternal life, and they are usually displayed at funerals on an easel stand. They may be placed by the casket, or around the parlour or hall. It is also a common practice to bring the wreaths along to the burial site or cremation ceremony.


Funeral sprays are large, flat bouquets of long-stem plants that cover the lid of the casket. They may come in single- or double-ended designs, the former usually displayed on a flower stand. Small sprays may be placed in the casket as well. 

The family of the deceased (or the main organisers of the funeral) are the ones usually ordering and organising the casket sprays.


Less formal, but nonetheless proper and beautiful. Funeral bouquets often consist of a selection of different flowers. The most common options that go into these bouquets are traditional funeral flowers, like lilies, carnations and orchids.

These days, customised bouquets are becoming popular. It’s a form of dedication of the last flowers sent to the deceased, a final and more personal gift to express one’s grief and love. 

Bouquets are often placed in baskets, which surround the casket during nightly service or the final memorial. Bouquets and its component flowers may also be placed on guest tables, rearranged onto floral stands as well. 

If you’re sending flowers to the home of the departed, bouquets are the best option. 


Funeral crosses are similar to wreaths, except they are arranged into the form of a cross instead. These are dedicated to the deceased and their families, who are Christians in faith. 

Floral crosses are mostly displayed on a stand that is placed near the casket. There are also smaller versions of these flower crosses that can be held in hands. They are usually issued to the children of the deceased, to be placed in the casket at the funeral.

These funeral crosses are only ordered by the immediate family of the deceased.

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