what flowers to send for a funeral

What flowers should you send for a funeral?

When people think of what type of flowers to send to a funeral or wake, they would always think of words like beautiful and respectful. Indeed, pretty, dignified-looking flowers and arrangements are always appropriate at the solemn event. 

Flowers carry significance at every stage of the life-cycle of humans, from birth through death. In the passing of someone, flowers are a traditional way to honour the deceased and are especially symbolic of the fragility of life and its fleeting nature.

Funeral flowers help in facilitating emotional release, as some mourners struggle to express their grief using words. The act of sending flowers is an expression of respect and love for the deceased, and of sympathy to his closest kin.

A brief history of funeral flowers

One of the first official records of flowers used at funerals was at the funeral of US President Andrew Jackson in 1874. Then, the flowers were used to mask the odour of the decomposition of his body.

However, earlier history has it that flowers were already used during the times of the Shanidar caves in Iraq, though the timeline remains iffy. At that time, a male Neanderthal skeleton was found in a fetal position, with pollen deposits from eight wildflowers surrounding it. Archaeologists suggest that that could have been from some 60,000 years ago.

In modern history, in the 19th century, “flower ladies” participated in funerals by carrying flowers from the funeral home to the procession, and were responsible for arranging them at the cemetery plot for the families. This was considered to be as important as the role of the pallbearers today.

What flowers to choose for a funeral?

Back to present times, where flowers are a quintessential part of funerals, and gifting flowers carry with it its own significance. What flowers exactly should you consider sending? 

As many would know, different colours of flowers each hold different meanings or significance. Here’s a quick list of the common colours for funeral flowers, and what they represent:

  • White flowers represent elegance, reverence, purity and eternal love.
  • Yellow flowers signify friendship, warmth and hope.
  • Green flowers represent everlasting nature, wellness and give a sense of renewal.
  • Purple flowers signify respect, admiration, and thoughts of sorrow and sympathy.
  • Orange flowers represent enthusiasm and warmth.
  • Blue flowers signify sadness, sympathy and peace.
  • Pink flowers represent grace, compassion and innocence.

In addition, each variety of flowers carry with them a special message. Here, we take a look at the types of flowers most often sent for the occasion and what meanings they each carry:

  • Daisies signify peace and hope.
  • Snapdragons represent graciousness and strength.
  • Lavender signify purity, grace and devotion.
  • Tulips represent hope, love and peace.
  • Orchids signify courage, hope and love.
  • Yellow lilies represent appreciation and thankfulness.
  • Calla lilies signify rebirth and resurrection.
  • Iris flowers represent faith, hope, courage, wisdom and admiration.
  • Roses signify love, grace, respect and appreciation.
  • Carnations signify sympathy, grief and admiration and remembrance.

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