Choosing Condolences Flowers: A Guide To Funeral Flowers

Choosing Condolences Flowers: A Guide To Funeral Flowers

Choosing funeral flowers for the passing of a loved one, friend or family can be overwhelming depending on your relationship with the deceased, religion and/or budget. Even with COVID-19 still prevalent, funerals in Malaysia are still ongoing. As the largest condolence florist in Klang Valley and Kuala Lumpur, we believe in helping those who are going through this time of grief, or are about to, choose funeral flowers or condolence wreaths to help dignify and remember the passing of someone dear. Everyone has the right to a dignified and less painful death, here a few meaningful ways to remember your loved ones. In this guide, we’ll share the meaning behind various flowers, appropriate floral arrangements and funeral flowers for each religion as well as how to fit them into your budget. 

Meaning of funeral flowers

Different flowers have different meanings. Here’s a quick guide to funeral flowers and their meanings. Our friendly and professional florists are on hand to help give your loved ones the dignity they deserve.

  • Carnations – Carnations are a popular choice due to its fragrance and are known to be a long-lasting flower. White carnations symbolise purity and innocence, Red symbolises love. Pink carnations are also recommended during Catholic or Christian funerals as they are believed to have been created by the Virgin Mary’s tears.
  • Chrysanthemums – This is a flower that has different meanings. In Asia, white chrysanthemums are known to symbolise grief and loss and are commonly used in floral arrangements. In western culture, it is also known to honour someone’s life in a happy way.
  • Orchids – A mainstay in many funerals, elegant orchids are used to express love for the deceased. Pink and white orchids are mainly used as funeral flowers and in funeral wreaths. 
  • Lilies – Also another commonly used flower at funerals for its scent and significance, lilies are a calming flower that helps convey a sense of peace. The white flower symbolises peace and innocence and is a safe bet for any funeral wreath.
  • Hydrangeas – Although not a flower, potted hydrangea plants or in a bouquet amongst other funeral flowers help to convey a message of sincerity and sympathy. These hardy flowers can be kept or planted as a fond memory of the deceased as well.

Funeral flowers for different religions

Condolence flowers are sent to show sympathy and grief for the loss of a loved one. However, different religions have their own customs and religious rites when it comes to funerals. Here’s a guide to the different funeral customs of the main religions in Malaysia and a quick look at how coronavirus is changing funeral rites, mourning and grief.

  • Islamic funeral – Islamic funerals have their own specific rites which are subject to local customs. As burials are encouraged to be done as soon as possible upon certification of death (within the day ideally), do consult the family members on the appropriate customs and whether they would like flowers or simply just your presence. 
  • Buddhist/Taoist funeral – Buddhist or Taoist funerals or wakes are often held at funeral parlours to facilitate with the paying of respects. Monks will lead meditation, prayers and chants to help the deceased cross to the afterlife smoothly. Guests usually offer their condolences through funeral flowers, wreaths or money in envelopes (“Pek Kim” also known as “white gold”) to help defray the cost of the funeral. Funeral wreaths, condolence flower stands and funeral wreaths are gifted during the wake. Appropriate flowers for Buddhist funerals include white or yellow lilies, lotuses and chrysanthemums. These flowers symbolise peace, freeing of one’s soul and loss. For Taoist funerals, chrysanthemums and lilies are a safe choice.
  • Hindu funerals – Hindu funeral rites often differ between sects and subsects. Hindu priests will often lead the wake along with the older family members before the cremation. While funeral flowers can be sent, do check with the family first on whether they would like flowers or just your presence. If you require flowers, speak to our professional florist to see what they would recommend.
  • Christian/Catholic funerals – Christian or Catholic funerals take place in the form of funeral mass or funeral service led by a priest, minister or pastor. Funeral flower baskets or wreaths with white lilies, chrysanthemums, carnations and roses are acceptable as they symbolise peace, purity and love. Funeral flowers can be gifted during the wake and before funeral service or mass.
  • Freethinker funerals – For those who did not observe any religious practices, flowers are a heartfelt way of showing your sympathy and grief to the family of the deceased. Bouquets or condolence wreaths with white flowers and a heartfelt message are a good way to pay your respects.

If you are unsure of funeral flowers customs and etiquette, do approach our friendly professional florist for advice. At SG Florist, we pride ourselves as the pioneer in the funeral flowers industry in Malaysia and we offer fresh sympathy floral arrangements with same-day delivery.

Condolence flowers for every budget

At SG Florist, we understand the various needs of our communities. To pay our respects to the departed, we want to provide the best so that they can leave this world in peace and dignity. As such, we have condolence flowers, funeral wreaths and funeral flower stands at different price points. 

Speak to our experienced florists to help provide the dignity your loved ones deserve to depart in, within your budget.

Alternatives to funeral flowers

We live in a multi-racial and multi-religious society that welcomes different practices of faith. While some religions or individuals may not require funeral flowers, you can express your grief and sympathy in different ways. You can offer donations to causes the deceased supported, candles as a form of remembrance or even donations to the family to help defray costs. Here’s how to help someone who’s grieving, as there is no right or wrong way of expressing your grief. You can also speak to the family or friends of the deceased to find out how you can contribute in other ways.

Sending your thoughts and prayers

Regardless of which funeral flowers you choose to convey your condolences, SG Florist provides expedited solutions to fresh sympathy floral arrangements and same-day delivery for funeral flowers. Rest assured, we will do our utmost best to attend to your funeral flower needs in this time of bereavement. Drop us a message should you need any help with your flower needs or visit us at the ground floor of the Nirvana Memorial Center and Nirvana Center in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.