Condolence Flowers Malaysia: What Flowers and Colours Are Suitable?

Sending funeral flowers and condolence flowers are a way to express our thoughts, to show care, and a form of saying ‘we’re with you’. While choice of words and messages matter, the choice of flowers is also another way to create an impression. The language of flowers is beautiful, and can be used to express love and concern in ways verbal and written languages aren’t able to.

Wakes and funerals are solemn events. Oftentimes, they are guided by traditions and cultures, and funerary customs may vary greatly between different races and religions. However, the general language of flowers, including its type and colours and their inherent meaning, transcends all.

So, what flowers are suitable to send for condolence purposes, and in what colour? Here’s a quick guide.


A most common flower choice for funerals. This may be because in some parts of Europe, chrysanthemums symbolise a peaceful death. Both white and yellow chrysanthemums make good options, the former representing lamentation and grief, while the latter are traditional funeral flowers, especially around Asia. In some parts of the world, chrysanthemums are also a symbol of truth.


It’s not just a mother’s day flower. Carnations are widely used for condolence wreaths, as it is known for its hardiness, and is generally affordable. Also, other than being a symbol of admiration, it also signifies remembrance, as well as purity and luck.


Another popular option for funeral flowers. White lilies represent innocence and pureness of soul, or the restoration of peace to the soul of the departed. Greek mythology associates lilies with rebirth. Chinese traditions tie it with eternal love. 


While traditionally roses symbolise love and romance, the language of a rose extends way beyond that. Depending on their variety, colour and number, it can be taken to represent different things. All roses symbolise God’s love at work in the world. Yellow roses mean wisdom and joy, while pink roses mean gratitude and peace. White roses, most commonly used for funeral flowers, represent purity and love, and are used to evoke humility, innocence, reverence and youthfulness.

What Colours of Flowers are Appropriate?

Oftentimes, sending condolence flowers is to express emotions such as love, friendship, sympathy and grief. It is a gesture of support and consolation to the bereaved. Therefore, the choice of colours of flowers should be well thought out.

While there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to colour, there are some guidelines to adhere to. Go for flowers in more somber hues, such as white, yellow, purple and pink. Consider the culture (racial and religious) of the deceased and their family. To avoid misinterpretation, avoid warm and dark coloured flowers. For example, avoid red for Chinese, as it represents happiness, and is less appropriate for the occasion. 

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