Condolence Flowers, Types and Flower Significance

Condolence Flowers, Types and Flower Significance

Flowers have long been a way of communicating without the need for verbal speech. How to communicate with flowers? Flowers can communicate love, friendship, joy and grief. Bouquets of roses, wedding corsage, a “get well soon” flower basket and the best funeral flowers are common in everyday life. Condolence flowers do matter, especially when it comes to different religions like how carnations are more suited to a Catholic/Christian funeral than to a Buddhist funeral because of their origins. As one of the pioneers in the funeral flowers industry in Malaysia, we help our clients find the right funeral flowers to provide the deceased with dignity and to celebrate the life of each unique individual. Our range of wreaths for funerals and condolence flower baskets are second to none and are of great comfort to any grieving soul. 

While attending funerals in large groups might not be possible during this COVID-19 pandemic, here is how you can feel supported and present during a Zoom funeral. However, if you are attending in person or wondering whether you should send funeral flowers, here’s a little bit more about flower types and the meanings behind them.

How do you choose condolence flowers

If you’re at a loss of how to approach condolence flowers, think of them as a representation of your feelings. Are you mourning the loss of a dear friend or loved one? Or are you celebrating the rich and full life of a grandparent who brought you and your family so much joy? Let those thoughts be a guide to choosing your flowers and choose the one that best signifies the life of the person who has just passed. Do not randomly choose flowers as there might be other meanings attached to them. Funerals aren’t the best time to be misunderstood! Also, it prevents wastage as flower farmers are facing tough times.

Types of condolence flowers

While choosing your flowers, here’s a quick guide to the kind of condolence flowers, wreaths or baskets you see at funerals. 

Funeral flower stand: A waist-high cloth-covered stand with a thoughtfully curated bouquet on top and a sympathy card. The bouquet can be customised or bought as-is to represent your sympathy and condolences. Usually sent to the funeral parlour or church.

Funeral flower basket: A small to medium-sized basket of flowers, a funeral flower basket is a curated bouquet of flowers meant to convey condolence with a more personal touch. The flower basket is often gifted directly to the homes of the bereaved or can be displayed at the funeral parlour as well.

Funeral flower frame: A flower frame used to decorate the picture of the deceased, the flowers are carefully selected to match the flowers for the coffin. This is usually selected by the family for the deceased.

Funeral flowers: Funeral flowers can come as a bouquet, spray or customised to decorate the coffin. They are often used to dignify the area surrounding the coffin and add a sense of beauty and peace for the deceased. 

Choosing condolence flowers based on your relationship

One awkward question that comes up often is “what kind of condolence flowers should I give based on my relationship with the deceased?”. While it might seem trivial, giving condolence flowers represents a person’s relationship with the deceased and many are at a loss of what kind of flowers best represent that.

Here’s a quick guide on flowers that are appropriate based on your past relationship with the deceased.

Funeral flower stands and condolence wreaths

  • Appropriate for most friendships, acquaintances, colleagues and relatives. The flower stands and condolence wreaths add colour, helping to make the area feel warmer and dignified.

Funeral flower frames

  • Often arranged by the family as it decorates the photo of the deceased. This allows the family to choose the deceased’s favourite flowers or something that best commemorates his or her life. Unless you are from the deceased family side, it is necessary to purchase this. 

Condolence flower baskets

  • Usually given to personal friends who are related to the deceased familial ties. This flower basket has a more personal touch and a sympathy card can also be included.

If you’re ever in doubt, going with a mainly white mix of flowers is a safe bet as it conveys humility, pureness and simplicity. Opt for same-day flower delivery to ensure your flowers arrive in the best condition as well.

Sending the right flowers

With many guides out there on what are the best condolence flowers and whatnot, we feel that the best flowers can be anything you choose. Knowing what to write in a sympathy card can also add a personal touch that would provide great comfort to the bereaved. Conveniently located on the ground floor of the Nirvana Memorial Center and Nirvana Center, Kuala Lumpur, drop by or message our experienced condolence florist to find what’s best for you.